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Help center staff tries to be connected as soon as possible to the below chat channel. You can also contact the help center at: help [at] cssociety dot org .


Federative Help Center

This website is part of the Complex System Registry, a federative colaborative scientific platform dedicated to the difusion of complex systems ideas and actualities. Thus, you will find a complete Help Center website dedicated to the utilisation of a Tikiwiki website.

To find more information about this federative platform structure , please visit the Complex System Registry overview page.

You can also visit the Tikiwiki documentation website which is quite exhaustive about tikiwiki functionnalities.

If you have any suggestion, you can easily give your feedback.

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Tiki help page

If you ask for an account, you will be able to use many specific services bring by the TikiWiki CMS (Create & edite pages, Chat, Forum, File Galeries, etc. - change your preferences or modules that appear on the left side of the web site)... To go further and find help on these topics, please consult the Tiki Help Page.


What is a TikiWiki?
Our web site is build on a Wiki named Tikiwiki wich is being improved for our purposes. A Wiki is a web site that that allows to create and edit pages online, with a lot of facilities for collaborative working. The Tikiwiki is an open-source web software developped by a worldwide community.

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